I am so excited to introduce the TEAM 22 Senior Rep Program! 

As a "TEAM 22" member you will receive exclusive invitations to my creative shoots and Senior Rep themed shoots of 2021-22. The first shoot will be spring of 2021 to introduce the Senior Reps of "Team 22" to social media.

Over the summer I introduced creative shoots and I have fallen in love. We had glitter, holographic powders, music playing, and so much fun! The late nights and good times were just food for my creative soul as a photographer.  I am going to continue the tradition of creative shoots in the spring/summer of 2021 and I am giving you an opportunity to be part of TEAM 22.

You must be a current Junior rising Senior to apply! 

I will only be choosing 4-6 Senior Reps in Knox County and Surrounding areas. 

Application deadline is NOV 15th


TEAM 22 Senior Rep Expectations/Requirements *

1. Senior reps are all regular paying clients of SkyLights Photography. In order to be a Senior Rep, you must book your Senior portrait session with SkyLights Photography. You cannot use or promote any other photographers for portraits during your Senior year if you are a representative for SkyLights Photography and Team 22. 

2. You must have social media and agree to post images on your feed & story from our sessions AND tag me when you post - Super Easy!

3. Be excited about representing my studio and our brand you will be part of the team.

4. You must be willing to travel to Knox County for Team 22 & Creative Shoots.
5. Parent/Guardian involvement:  It is extremely important that your parents are supportive and enthusiast about this experience for you. 

6. Personal Conduct: If I become aware of behavior that would reflect poorly on me and my business for having chosen you to be a representative, you will be dropped from the team. This includes participating in illegal activities, using illegal substances, exhibiting improper behavior on social media, and bullying in any form - written, verbal, physical, etc. will not be tolerated!


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