My name is Tasha and I am the photographer for SkyLights Photography! I am a wife and mom to two amazing college kids. Here is a bit about me! 

Yes that is a selfie for my photo! I know I need a professional picture, I am a professional photographer after all but I just never take photos of myself. NOTE to self for my 2021 resolution is to take a decent professional shot of myself ;) Maybe if you check back by then I might have one (cough... cough)... maybe. My preference is just not taking photos of me! I want to take photos of YOU!

 I Love my job! I can honestly say after every shoot I just have a cheesy smily grin on my face all the way home and the first thing I want to do is unload my memory card on my computer to go through YOUR pictures! The creativity and possibilities of photography just feeds my soul and make me happy. I started photography by teaching myself because I owned a clothing line and could not afford to hire a photographer to take the photos for my website. Photography was a hobby during this time to just save money but I soon realized that photography was my true path. I worked the corporate clothing line and website for 6 years.  After that I took the leap and I was finally confident enough in my photography to take a few paid clients in 2014 and the saying the rest is history is true! Here I am!